About EPI and EPI Online

Event Production Institute (EPI) is cost effective way for event professionls to get top-notch, meaty, event changing training, resources and inspiration. EPI offers online learning and customized full-day, half-day and luncheon seminars that deliver tips, techniques and “get your hands dirty” training on how to create and execute extraordinary, fully integrated experiences that move people to action. Fusing big, creative thinking, guidance and experiential learning, EPI Seminars can provide customized training to teams of people who are responsible for corporate or organizatioal events. EPI Online gives you information in short, focussed chunks that let you learn exacty what you need to know when it is convenient for you. You can learn today and use your new skills tomorrow!

EPI is perfect for:

New graduates from degree programs in event management programs at colleges and universities

People from corporations, nonprofits, faith based organizations, associations, academic institutions, etc., who:

  • Has event planning skills, but needs fresh ideas and inspiration
  • Is asked to produce a Cadillac event on a Chevy budget
  • Doesn’t have money to hire a professional event producer
  • Wants bigger and better events but doesn’t know how
  • Is asked to produce events in addition to all their other full-time duties (i.e. an Executive Assistant)
  • Needs to produce significant revenue through their events

Large organizations, such as large corporations or assocations, can conract with EPI to create and deliver a customized traning program that can benefit a large number of event planners. Just call us to discuss!

EPI was founded, developed and produced by Kristi and Fred Shepherd, Principals of Event Architects (www.eventarch.com).