The Best Event Ever

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the best event I've been to all year.  It wasn't a big gala.  It wasn't a big media event.  It was an open house at Bella Salon and Spa, in Edina, MN.

As a longtime customer of Bella's, and Pamela Cruz specifically, I know them well.  Their mission is not just to cut and color hair.  Their mission is to make their customers look and feel beautiful.  And they succeed.

The event was intended to introduce their beloved customers to a new product line and convince them, subtly, to purchase the products.  I fully intended to blow it off (pun intended).  I already knew what I needed and wanted for my hair products.  Why put myself in the position of getting a hard sell?  Even if they served me some snacks and wine, did I really want to spend my Friday evening that way?

A very well-timed and compelling text invitation strategy changed my mind.  I am so glad I went!  Attending the open house reminded me that any event, big or small but done well and with a primary objective, has the potential to make a impact on people whether it's meant to communicate new information, build community, make people feel good or move people to action (i.e. buy more, share more, care more).

So what made the event such a success?  

1.  It mattered that I was there.  I could just feel it.

2.  They called people by name and welcomed everyone warmly.

3.  The food and drink were plentiful, delicious and theme-based enough to feel right but not over done.  (It was a Cuban theme, by the way.)

4.  Everyone had their messaging down - information about the new product was communicated organically within the free shampoo and blow-out process.

5.  Every single staff person was in attendance and in full support of the event and its primary objective - create an event where customers can experience the wonderful new product.

6. And finally, I'm using the new products and plan to purchase more on my next visit.

Mission accomplished!


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