Do Over

It is New Year’s Eve, and I’m thinking about the past year.  Would I wish for any do overs?  And then, my mind jumps to the year ahead.  What will I do differently?

In events, there really aren’t any do overs.  We often refer to our events as runaway trains – once they’ve started, you can’t stop them.  So the concept of a “do over” doesn’t apply, unless you have the chance to work on the event in the future.  And even then, things change and doing something over probably isn’t in the best interest of keeping things fresh for the client.

So forget the do over!

Many years ago, I got the best advice ever from a fellow event professional.  “It’s not that bad things won’t happen at an event.  They will.  The trick is to make sure no one knows about it.”

Our best to you in the coming year as you make magic and effortlessly manage crisis as it happens!


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