Vendor Relations and Customer Service

Several years ago the custom signs ordered from our long time sign designer and fabricator, Advantage Signs, was missing a sign that was overlooked in our planning.  We discovered this late on the Friday night before our Saturday event.  And to top it off, it was a complicated design.

I made the call to the owner of the company, John Foley and explained our challenge. John’s reaction was frankly as I knew it would be. “No problem. I will go in tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM and deliver it to your venue myself at 8:00AM."

The next time you are asking for an RFP for your signs or any kind of product or service, consider the importance of customer service and over-all long-term savings by cultivating a loyal vendor relationship that delivers long term mutual benefits.  It pays off, saves face and reduces stress knowing you can count on your vendors!

by Fred Shepherd


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