Look What Attendees Say About EPI Seminars:

"Fabulous, fun, brilliant. I learned more in one day than in 12 years in the advertising and promotion business. Proof positive that you can teach an old dog new tricks!"
Peter Lang, Grammy Nominated Performer and Producer

"EPI wasa great learning experience! Kristi, Fred, and all the speakers were passionate about their topics, experts in their fields, and really fun to learn from. I would definitely recommend this conference to both new and seasoned event professionals. There's always more to learn!"
Meredith Olson, St. Olaf University

"It felt like each speaker was reading my mind and answering my questions. Thank you!"
Nichole Axtman, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota

"EPI for me, was a great opportunity to gain knowledge as well as a different perspective on event planning, pre-event, during, and post-event. It taught me key things to keep in mind, during the whole planning process, and really stressed how "proper planning prevents poor performance"! It provided great tools, and tricks of the trade, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate. I would recommend attending whether you are rookie or a seasoned veteran! Great job Kristi and Fred!"
Stanley Roberts, PA Academy

"The EPI Seminar provided great information and examples from real life about a wide variety of topics involving events and event planning. I appreciated the different perspectives that the panel of speakers brought to the table, and thought it was good opportunity to talk through ideas and issues and brainstorm and build upon existing ideas."
Stefany Young, The Camden Promise

"Whether you're a seasoned event professional or breaking into the field for the first time, EPI offers valuable information to help increase efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success of an event."
Tammy Truong, Living Green Expo

"I've been involved in event planning in one aspect or another for several years, learning on my own, as I go. This seminar filled in major gaps, providing essential knowledge, and granting me a greater sense of credibility."
Jamez Smith, Transit for Livable Communities

"The experience, talent and knowledge Kristi and Fred shared was informative. Their colleagues also added depth to the event strategies and planning aspect of Special Events. A job well done."
Maureen Davis, Event Planner

"For people just entering the event field to people who have had experience, the information covered was helpful and informing. Overall, it was a phenomenal day!"
Jenna Untiedt, Students Today Leaders Forever

"My wife and I have been associated with running various events primarily for non-profits which we know the event is FOR profit. This seminar was so well done and detailed that it will be invaluable to our future efforts in orchestrating an 'event'!!!"
Jim Platt, Pets Are Inn

"Great seminar, lots of learning, lots of networking. I would recommend this seminar to colleagues and can't wait for the next one!"
Linda Hurtley, Linwood Group