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Each video topic is priced at $9.99 and includes the video presentation plus PowerPoint handouts.  Some topics include templates and exercises for use in the future.  Videos may be viewed for up to 24 hours after purchase.

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Planning & Strategy

Kristi Gray Shepherd
What Is Covered:
  1. "Why" vs "What"
  2. Establishing Your Primary Objective
  3. Building Consensus
  4. Planning Styles and Relevance

Communications - Public Relations & Messaging 101

Kristi Gray Shepherd and Dawn Bryant
What Is Covered:
  1. Understanding Your Audiences
  2. Developing and Communicating Key Messages
  3. Understanding Reporters
  4. Social Media Basics

Integrating Your Messages

Kristi Gray Shepherd and Hillary Feder
What Is Covered:
  1. Using Every Tool Available to Communicate Your Messages
  2. Leveraging Collateral and Take-Aways
  3. Collateral Case Study

Marketing & Ticket Sales

Kristi Gray Shepherd
What Is Covered:
  1. Driving Attendance and Getting People to Engage
  2. Branding and Image
  3. Engaging Committees, Volunteers and Board Members
  4. Public Relations/Marketing/Advertising - What's the Difference?

Putting Butts in the Seats

Kristi Gray Shepherd
What Is Covered:
  1. Goal Setting
  2. Media Partnerships
  3. Advertising
  4. Person to Person
  5. Selling Established Events

Sponsorship Development 101

Kristi Gray Shepherd
What Is Covered:
  1. The Basics of Sponsorship Development
  2. Researching Sponsor Prospects
  3. Creating a Sponsorship Menu
  4. Meeting with Decision Makers

Getting Sponsors, Keeping Sponsors

Kristi Gray Shepherd
What Is Covered:
  1. Preparing for a Sponsor Meeting
  2. Closing the Deal 
  3. Keeping Sponsors Happy So That They Come Back

Production Values 101

Fred Shepherd
What Is Covered:
  1. Budget Development
  2. Venue Selection
  3. Planning to Manage Budget and Reduce Stress
  4. Scripting & Rehearsal
  5. Examples & Photos

Can You Hear Me? Can You See Me?

Tom Bothof
What Is Covered:
  1. Sound & Light
  2. Video & Production
  3. Examples & Photos

Floral, Decor & Ambience

Fred Shepherd and David Bornowski
What Is Covered:
  1. Making the Most of Your Decor Budget
  2. What to Think About as You Plan for Your Decor
  3. Decor Options - Draping, Floral, Props, Lighting
  4. Examples & Photos